Evaluation Of The Social Work Profession Essay examples

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Evaluation of Mission Statement
The primary mission statement of the social work profession is distinguishable from any other profession. The mission statement defines the purpose of social work and uses a universal key element. The universal key element is help because from the first day of a social work course, students learn that social work is a helping profession. The purpose of social work is to provide help whenever needed. This statement describes a profession that goes beyond what is expected by trying to attack every aspect of human needs. The social work profession is the true profession of helping. There is no limit to the people social workers take care of because it is their duty to enhance individual well-being and the well-being of society.
The mission statement could explain how the social work profession is a pioneer for diversity. Social workers have been helping people from all walks of life since the beginning of time. Social workers serve a valuable function in society. There is not any other profession that exist that does what a social worker do. The social work profession should be well respected for building its mission upon an ethical foundation. Social workers do not discriminate when its critical for the needs of individuals. After all, there is nothing in the mission statement that specifies which group of individuals gets help over another. It’s honorable how the social work profession does not take into consideration religion and politics…

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