Essay on Evaluation Of The Service Improvement Pilot

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Evaluation of the service improvement pilot
The improvement area brought to light was the missed chances to improve services for alcohol addictions, dependence and self-harm, however it fast became clear that misuse was as great a problem. The emergency team of mental health consists of 5 advanced practitioners, 2 rostered junior doctors and a consultant psychiatrist. Opening these appointments to all attendees to the accident and emergency department who were screened as misusing alcohol, offering a return appointment was not sustainable with such a small team. There was also the problem of referrals to the return service, that the initial contact clinician could have made directly to a supportive agency or information to self-refer given to the patient. The team delivers training for the emergency department twice yearly and induction training for new junior doctors, these times would be ideal to offer more knowledge of local resources, referral criteria and education on alcohol addiction and misuse including ABIs. In the interim the referral policy is widely available with information on early recognition, ABIs and clinician or self-referral information.
ABIs are a proven screening tool to categorize the approach necessary to effect behavior change (Solberg 2008). Accident and emergency and out of hours teams are usually the first point of contact and are in the position to detect to what degree a patient 's relationship with alcohol would benefit from education,…

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