Evaluation Of The Sample Consists Of Right Handed Normal Volunteers

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Sample: The sample consisted of right handed normal volunteers. The sample size was 60 with 30 males and 30 females. The mean age of the sample was 21.07 years with a standard deviation of 4.95 and the mean education was 8.42 years with a standard deviation of 2.61. The subjects had no history of any psychiatric, neurological or neurosurgical disorders and were with normal or corrected vision and hearing.

Socio demographic Data Sheet Socio demographic Data sheet was prepared by the researcher to collect socio-demographic details of each subject included in the sample i.e. name, age, sex, occupation, address and education level for both the normal group and patient group.

Screening tool:
Edinburgh Handedness inventory (Old field, 1971)
Edinburgh Handedness Inventory was used to determine handedness, as only right-handed subjects were included in the sample. The inventory consisted of 10 activities, like writing, using a toothbrush and striking a match and required the participant to indicate which hand was preferred for these activities. Laterality quotient was obtained by dividing the difference between total activities with right hand and total activities with left hand by the sum of total items with right hand and left hand and multiplying the score with 100. All subjects recruited in the study had a laterality score of 100.

Tests to measure attention:
Figural Visual Scanning Test (Wilkie et al, 1990). Figural Visual Scanning test was developed and used…

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