Evaluation Of The Performance Ratings Based On The Fft Evaluation Approach

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The ninth standard applicable to the contribution of the performance ratings based on the FFT evaluation approach relates to professionalism, leadership and advocacy (Illinois State Board of Education, 2012). In this case, the teacher evaluation should assess the model professional behavior reflecting the honesty, integrity, confidentiality, respect and personal responsibility. Importantly, the evaluation is required to assess the maintenance of accurate records, effective management of data and the protection of the confidentiality of information from any student and family. Besides, it would be of interest for the evaluation to assess the manner the teacher’s actions are a reflection of professional practice and outcomes, especially regarding self-assessment and adjustment of practice to enhance student performance and professional goals. Under this standard, it would also be of significance to assess the communication that the teacher has with families, the manner they respond to their concerns and the extent they promote family participation in enhancing student education. Furthermore, it would be of interest in teacher evaluation to establish the utilization of leadership skills to enhance individual and collegial growth and development, to advance knowledge in the teaching profession and to advance knowledge.
With the researcher not involving individual participants, the focus would be to discover, gather and research the primary sources and literature. The primary…

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