Evaluation Of The Methods Used Essay

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Evaluation of the Methods Used The three main forensic methods used in this case are forensic hair analysis, forensic fibre analysis and forensic DNA analysis. The forensic hair analysis in this case was not accurate or adequate to convict Guy. Guy was convicted because supposedly the hairs that were found on Christine matched his. However, this was not accurate as hair evidence cannot be used for identification purposes. It can only be used as corroboration to strengthen a case. The limitations of hair analysis can be seen through the fact that it can only provide class evidence and cannot be individualized. This limits its ability to convict a supposed criminal, based on hair evidence only. The forensic fibre analysis in this case was not accurate or adequate to convict Guy. The fibres that were said to be found on Christine did not belong to Guy, however the jury was told that the fibres matched fibres that were found from Guy’s home and car. But this was not accurate, as the fibres were contaminated. Moreover, the fibres could have been a coincidence, which the jury was not made aware of. Furthermore, fibre evidence is hard to individualize, which shows the limitations of fibre evidence. The DNA analysis in this case was accurate and adequate enough to exonerate Guy. During the first and second trial, DNA technology was not able to test the DNA evidence on Christine’s underwear. This led to Guy’s conviction, as there was no concrete evidence to find Guy not guilty.…

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