Evaluation Of The Mac Aids Fund Essay

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In Toronto, Canada in 1985, Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo founded MAC cosmetics. This high end makeup was later bought by a parent company, Estée Lauder Companies. In addition to MAC cosmetics, Estée Lauder is a parent company to many other skin care and makeup brands. Makeup is a global product, which explains why MAC is sold in over 40 countries, including Australia and Africa. As a famously known cosmetic line, MAC is able to help raise money for certain foundations, but nonetheless they do a lot of harm to the world’s consumers. Constant revenue allows MAC to continue to fund their AIDS foundation. In 1994, MAC founders partnered with RuPaul to create the MAC AIDs Fund. This campaign gives 100% of their proceeds of VIVA GLAM products to the AIDS fund. This foundation funds over 10 programs to help families that are affected by HIV/AIDS, which include basic needs, treatment and prevention. The MAC AIDS Fund has not only supported their own programs; “We will continue to support programs and collaborations all over the world that effectively and strategically focus on underserved and stigmatized populations”(AIDS). Reaching thousands of parts of the globe, MAC has the power to collaborate with other organizations that have the same goals and help fund those established programs as well. Through the billions of dollars in revenue MAC receives each year, the funding for these programs will continue to prosper as the years go on (See Appendix A). MAC cosmetics works with…

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