Essay on Evaluation Of The Learning Styles

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As I researched the differently learning styles I came across three evaluations that seem to each express different aspect of the learning styles that applied to myself. Each of these evaluations gave me slightly different results, nonetheless were very educational. The first test was the multiple intelligence assessment from Edutopia. The Vark Questionnaire was the second quiz from vark learning, which was a bit more basic compared to the first evaluation. The final assessment was from education planner, which was titled what’s your learning style and most importantly the simplest of all of the results. The Edutopia assessment broke down the results into eight categories with specific scores that represented the percent of involvement I had with each. The results were Linguistic 8%, Logical-Mathematical 50%, Visual-Spatial 42%, Intrapersonal 50%, Interpersonal 25%, Musical 38%, Bodily-Kinesthetic 25%, and Naturalistic 58%. This evaluation used the approach of answering each subject on a scale of 1 to 5. There were not questions necessarily, but more so of subjects and how much each I related each to my life. The topics were broken down into groups the first group related to “how much time do you spend” the options included none, only a little, a fair amount, a lot, and all the time. The second topic was based off “how keen would you be to” with the choices of I’d hate to, I’d be a little reluctant, I wouldn’t mind, I’d like to, and I’d jump at the chance to. The next…

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