Essay on Evaluation Of The Key Goals And The Set Standards

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• Comparison of the presented data with the actual goals and the set standards to know the deviation. The alternatives to be taken to meet the desired goal are to be decided in this step. The output is the comparison figures and charts.
• Determination of the next step based on the comparisons from the previous step are taken in this step. We check whether the corrective action is needed or not. If the change is small, then it is determined that we are going great and the process is just working the way we want it to be. But, if correction is needed then try to remove the defects or the causes of the defect or try to prevent defects itself. The output is the action plan needed to reset the plan and implement the changes which would not cause the deviations.
Now, this process stops here with the end of the review and next comes the second section or part of our overall process, the development planning. As we have seen that even the above processes needed a plan, but the coming section is solely dependent on the plan.

Why development plans are needed?
This is the very basic question, which needs to be answered. The need to make development plans is there because –
• The anticipated needs of the employee are need to be addressed, because the satisfaction of the employee works as a major factor in his working to his full potential. Tie the employee to his current position while making him more comfortable and making him realize his potential.
• The opportunities which…

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