Essay about Evaluation Of The Jung Typology Test

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I took the Jung Typology Test as an individual study to better understand my personality in relation to observable behaviors found within life, more specifically the work place. I discovered ESFJ is my four letter code and SJ is my temperament. This test narrowed down my four letter code from sixteen possible personality types according to the works of Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers, and then from that discovery my temperament was identified. This study went as far as to assign me my suited profession based on my personality. Extravert (E), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), and Judging (J) are the four components that make up my four letter code. I will address these key terms using studies that have been thoroughly tested with numerous observations over expanded time as well as my own personal life experiences. I understood my personality in relation to observable behavior by using the following resources: an online website with the Jung Typology Test, a website containing personality research, Type Talk at Work textbook, research from Robbins & Judge – A Worldview Perspective on Organizational Behavior, and an article from Project Management Journal. These resources work together to understand how to better function in this life, more specifically the work environment. None of them claim to be one hundred percent accurate, but they all offer valuable insight to observable behaviors.
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