Evaluation Of The Inner Residence Program Essay

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The program we are evaluating is called the Inner Residence Program. Created after the events that took place during the attacks on September 11th, the program was put in place to help students and teachers that were impacted. Soon after, educators and mental health experts put together a social and emotional learning program to help these individuals. The program’s aim is to teach the teachers skills of mindfulness and resilience, to then bring into their own lives, and to teach these educators how to balance their personal and professional lives. Inner Resilience has many core platforms, ranging from residential retreats, professional workshops, inner life series, parent workshops and a set K-8 curriculum for teachers. Though the curriculum does not surpass eight grade, the program itself is geared as well for high schools as well.
The core platforms that are a part of the inner resilience program range on how they are delivered, but they all have the same main goal: to bring the lessons learned of mindfulness and resilience to their classrooms and everyday lives. The training packages that the inner resilience program offers differ in how they are implemented; the stress reduction days, for example provide the teachers with twenty-minute body workout sessions that are taken during their free periods. This program is one of the most desirable and since 2002, the IRC has performed over 4,000 sessions in more than thirty schools only in the New York city area. Their…

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