Evaluation Of The Elementary School District Essays

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1). The one school district that had a major role in formulating the draft standards would be DeKalb Community Unit School District.
2). The three names of the Guiding Principles would be, teachers are intentional in matching goals and experiences to children’s learning and development and in providing challenging experiences to promote each child’s progress and interest, and Teachers get to know each child well and differentiate their curricular planning to recognize the rate of development for each child in each domain. Some children may have an identified developmental delay or disability that may require teachers to adapt the expectations set out in the Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards and to make accommodations in experiences
3.) A benchmark 1.A.ECc is to provide comments relevant to the context. It also demonstrates understanding through age-appropriate responses. An example of a child demonstrating they would be able to complete it would be if the child could know the orientation of a book and how to turn pages with care. Then they would begin to see the pictures and words convey meaning and the letters are combined to from words that are separated by spaces. I believe once the children understood this then they could provide comments or questions that would be related to the context they are reading with the teacher.
4.) A tip sheet that I would provide parents that regard Social/Emotional Development would be Helping Children Learn to Get…

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