Evaluation Of The Counseling Program And Curriculum Essay

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Artifact Description This artifact represents they study of the steps counselors must take to plan and develop an aligned K-12 counseling program and curriculum. It begins with the counselor’s core beliefs and philosophy of education followed by the vision and mission for the counseling program. Identifying these pieces before the curriculum is written is crucial to the foundation of the program. It ensures that counselors and administrators are in agreement on the significance of the counseling program and where it fits into the school’s curriculum as a whole. After the foundation pieces, the artifact includes a detailed school demographic explanation of Pinkston Middle school and the town of Mountain Home. This information serves to help the counselor better understand the culture and community from which the students’ lives. A breakdown of the existing curriculum is next, followed by a needs assessment based on this analysis. This piece of knowledge is very important to curriculum development since we must first identify our students before we can begin to meet their needs. The demographic information shows Mountain Home as a rural community with a high occurrence of both generational and situational poverty. Consequently, many students in the school system are from low-income homes. Effects of this are seen in the lack of parent involvement and monitoring, many of these parents are preoccupied with simple family survival within their food insecure homes…

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