Evaluation Of The Client On Children And Raising Her Children

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Goal 1:
The client will live in positive and nurturing environment that aids her in success in school and raising her children. This goal was chosen because the client wants to raise her children and continue school and living with her mother will not allow that at this time. Her mother may not agree with this plan and resist. The actions suggested will allow the client to feel confident in her decision and successful in the process.
Cultural considerations:
The client lives in a predominantly African American and low income city of Harlem, New York with her biological mother who does not trust Caucasian people and thinks education is a waste of time. The apartment she lives in does not have an elevator, is surrounded by gangs, drugs, graffiti and poverty.
The client will attend trainings, workshops and community programs to learn skills and resources for living on her own for when she moves. The client will see a counselor to discuss abuse and fears of moving from her mother. This counselor will also help the client figure out a plan to notify her mother of her leaving with the presence of her social worker for safety precaution when she can move into housing or foster care.
The actions for these goals include the social worker finding the client resources, workshops, and community centers that educate and teach independent living skills and making sure these outlets will be helpful for the client as well as close to her school or work due to lack of transportation.…

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