Evaluation Of The Board Of Directors Essay

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Board Overview
(2 Interviews)

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals who believe in the value of an education at Saint Benedict School and wish to see the school reach its maximum potential.

“If you want the best for your kids – this is it.”

Members agreed that the school’s strengths include:
• Strong student participation in the community

“The kids are happy, educated, and well rounded. They participate in the faith community and in the larger community.”

• A caring, community atmosphere

“They go extra step to make sure kids are doing well academically, socially, and emotionally.”

“They give the kids a strong sense of self – they are confident.”

• Instilling Catholic values in young scholars

“It’s our faith that brings us back, and we know what we want for our kids–that same education, that same formation of faith and morals and that community.”

Goals of the Board of Directors include:
• Growing enrollment
“My vision is to grow into a bigger school with more students – I’d like to see classes with 16-19 kids in them.”

“We have a lot going for us, but we have to get more parents to send their kids to St. Benedicts.”

• Increasing community outreach
“We need more outreach in the community. There are a lot kids in the area that don’t go to St. Benedicts. A lot of people don’t know it’s an option, and for some, it’s financial – but they don’t know about financial aid and the costs.”

“We need to provide the public information about what we do have and how…

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