Evaluation Of The 5 Practices Book Essay

840 Words Apr 16th, 2016 4 Pages
As I was reading the final chapter of the 5 Practices book, I was reminded of how important collaboration is – not only for my college studies but more importantly for my future teaching career. Reflecting on the work Sam & I put into our unit plan for this course, it was helpful to talk through ideas with one another and to see the different perspectives we each had. There are many times where I get stuck in my own thinking and it is truly helpful to be able to gain a fresh outlook when working with someone else to help put the pieces together to develop a final product that highlights each of our strengths (for example, Sam offered to make the rubric for the summative assessment whereas I probably wouldn’t have been able to develop one quite as comprehensive as his). Learning from others while integrating your own efforts is an exciting part of the learning process and is a skill I want to continue developing for my own teaching and even promote in my future classroom. To further emphasize the need for teacher collaboration versus having an individualistic mindset as a teacher, I will share a memory of my FEEP experience last semester. Most of the math teachers at the middle school I was placed at would meet up once a week or so during a common planning time to generally discuss pacing for the specific unit being covered at the time and also specific assignments and assessments to be updated and utilized in the coming weeks. When chapter 8 encouraged something similar to…

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