Evaluation Of Public Personnel Administration Essay

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Review of Public Personnel Administration
Dr. Chandra Shekar. S (Sathenapally),
Dept. of Public Administration,
Osmania University,
Telangana State
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Personnel Administration, commonly known as Human Resources or HR, handles a great many issues in the workplace. In includes importance of Human Resource Development; Recruitment, training, career advancement, position classification, discipline, performance appraisal, promotion, pay and service conditions; employer-employee relations, grievance redressal mechanism; Code of conduct; Administrative ethics. Today we are to discuss Personnel Administration which is a very important aspect of Public Administration as well as Private Administration; in fact it is the very backbone.

Keywords: Evolution and Functions of Personnel Administration; Manpower planning, Recruitment and Hiring, Training, Position Classification, Performance Appraisal, Promotion, Pay conditions, Retirement.

Personnel administration, also known as human resources (HR) management, Personnel administration is the coordination and regulation of employees in company employees. It deals with organizing, recruiting, hiring, training, and assessing workers. Comply with the law and the resolutions of the conflict are also important aspects. For a company to be good competitive and efficient the HR team should be effective, authoritative.

If the organization is good it…

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