Essay about Evaluation Of Preventive Strategy For Nutrition Intervention

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Merie T Ruel conducted research based on cluster randomized trial in Hiati, this study suggested that preventive strategy for nutrition intervention is more effective tool compare to provide treatment after getting malnourished.
Nutrition education intervention has been found more effective to reduce prevalence of all type of malnutrition rather than treatment approach.
Health workers were provided technical education to mother’s club for around one hour. Health workers were followed adult learning methodology during session. Health workers used various learning approach for example demonstration, food tasting, small group activities and general discussion(10). This study showed preventive approach is better than targeting approach. My study would fill gap role of counseling after treatment of severe acute malnutrition. After treatment of acute malnutrition only counseling will help to mother right way of feeding to their child. If counseling will poor during treatment, less chances to cure from SAM.
Merry E Penny et. Al. conducted a cluster randomized trail study of an educational intervention in peer peri urban area of Peru. There are 187 children infants enrolled from catchment area and 190 from central areas.
This study clearly showed improvements of nutritional status of children those who got nutrition education. Interesting things of this study is intervention and control group both can access food in a good manner. Nutrition education brought…

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