Essay on Evaluation of Play War Horse

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An evaluation of the play ‘War Horse’, showing your understanding of the medium and elements used and your response.

On Monday the 21st of September I went to see the play ‘War Horse’ at the New London Theatre. The play was directed by Marianne Elliot and Tom Morris and is written about the novel ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo. The play is about a horse, Joey. He is sold to the English cavalry and is shipped off to France were we serves in WW1. His owner, Albert desperate not to lose Joey, enlists in the army despite the fact that he is under aged. Albert embarks on a treacherous journey on a quest to find Joey. The play is based upon the horse’s perspectives and views. War Horse is trying to emphasis the strong brutality of war, and
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The soldiers heading back to England are wearing all black clothes with symbolises death. This scenario is emphasising the fact that there will be a lot of innocent lives ruined during the course of them serving in the war. The men dressed in black are marked by the slow pace and the white spotlight. The spot light expresses the death moment. This is a use of a juxtapose.

Ted selling Joey to the army for £100 was also a stylised moment that was marked in more ways than one. In this scene there was also a use of freeze-framing. When Ted is negotiating the price of Joey with Major Nicholls the rest of the actors on the centre revolve froze. This effect is very practical as it focuses the audience on that particular part. There was also a dull white lighting change to express the sadness. In addition to this there was a music change, it had gone very sinister and subtle.

Joey getting stuck to the barbed wired is a stylised moment. As the horse is running he runs straight in to the barbed wire, there is a good strong build up of tension. The music got louder and louder, with the use of crescendos. This scene shows how innocent horse’s lives are at risk by the futility and the waste of war. The barbed wire is set on stage by four actors two of which are on stage. This moment involves the breaking of

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