Evaluation of Parliament as a Law Making Body Essay

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“Parliament isn’t the most effective body to make laws.”
Parliament is an elected supreme law-making body that is able to create new laws that reflect the needs of the people. It is not always effective as there are many different factors that can both help and hinder the process of legislation within the two houses. By being an arena for debate parliament is able to formulate effective laws through by discussing and debating the presented purpose of a proposed law. Thus lessening any chance of an unjust and inconsistent law being passed by allowing many different views to be voiced and considered. However with government controlling the majority of seats within the lower house, proposed laws are easily passed and in some occasions
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However some changes in the law are delayed due to public debate on the issue. This often takes a long time and so some law changes may be delayed indefinitely. The Statute Law Amendment (Relationships) Act 2001, which was given royal assent on 12 June 2001, changed a number of different acts so that all forms of domestic relationships would be covered, regardless of the gender of both partners. The bill itself was first initiated on the 22nd of November 2000 and underwent the second reading on the 23rd of November 2000. The bill was then delayed in order for public debate to take place.
For parliament to accurately reflect the social values of the majority of the people, they set up committees in order to investigate different areas of law. In order to gain this information the committee usually hold public forums or ask for submissions by the public so as to determine their needs. This allows for whole areas of law to be thoroughly investigated and any necessary expert knowledge to be sought; the findings of the committee are reported to parliament. As committees contain members from the government and the opposition the findings generally have the support of both parties.
In retrospect parliament lacks the time to pass minor details that are related to a particular area of the law. The

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