Evaluation Of My Current Leadership Skills Essay

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Evaluation of My Current Leadership Skills For the most part, we are moving through the motion without thinking about how our actions would affect others, and not thinking of how we can increase our influence to be beneficial. For that reason, further analysis would reveal that my current leadership skills are far what it should be for someone my age, but since this revolutionary concept of what a leader is relatively new to me, I would say I have learned a lot in this short period. What I have learned over the ten-year period since moving to Canada is astronomical, and this has facilitated the development of my skills that would expand my horizon. Although my personality is a bit of a hindrance, I have taken steps such as expanding my network of friends who have different personalities that would help me along the way. Leadership is tough and to be able to rise to the opportunity, you have to set standards and hold yourself accountable to them. As a result, I must be willing to push myself beyond my comfort zone, and based on the traits I have identified for an effective leader I still have some ways to go. Time and again, I have talked about confidence being a core component of a leader, and this is something I struggle with and is one of the skills I will need to master to do better. Another skill that is low on my leadership radar is creativity as I tend to be more analytical. I find thinking outside the box to be challenging; however, this is where all the creativity…

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