Evaluation Of Matthew 's Cognitive Processing Skills Essay

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In addition to an evaluation of Matthew’s cognitive processing skills, an assessment of his social and emotional functioning was also collected to determine how these factors may be contributing to his overall functioning in school. The Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition (BASC-3) self-report (SRP-A), parent report (PRS-A) and teacher report (TRS-A) were administered to Matthew, Mrs. Sluka and Mr. Pennisi (Resource Room teacher). A clinically significant score (T=70 or higher) suggests a high level of maladjustment. Scores in the At-Risk range (T=60-90) may identify a significant problem that may not be severe enough to require formal treatment or may identify the potential of developing a problem that needs careful monitoring. In addition, on the Adaptive scales, the At-Risk range fall from 31-40 and a Clinically Significant score falls from 30 and below.

It is important to note that elevations on the BASC-3 are meant to be descriptive of the frequency of behaviors in a given area and is not sufficient for diagnostic purposes. For example, an individual may receive an elevated rating on the Anxiety scale, but that does not mean that he or he meets diagnostic criteria for an Anxiety Disorder.

Matthew appeared to understand and respond to each item. In addition, he reported to have answered all questions honestly. Matthew responded to all items with no omissions. The validity response indices were within the acceptable range for all forms, these…

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