Evaluation Of Informed Consent, Members Of The Community Essay

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There were 115 participants. Of these, 55 were male (47.8%) and 60 were female (52.2%). The age of the sample ranged from 12 to 69 (M = 26.23, SD = 9.63). This included 19.1% Caucasian (N = 22), 59.1% Hispanic (N = 68), 6.1% Native American (N = 7), 5.2% African American (N = 6), 4.3% Asian (N = 5), and 6.1% of participants reporting “other” (N = 7).
Materials and Procedure In correspondence to the guidelines regarding informed consent, members of the community were informed of the potential risks and benefits of participating in the study before receiving any research material. If the participant agreed verbally to partake in the study they were given one of the three available documents, each of which consisted of two parts each. In the first part of the study, the participant was given an anagram task with specific instructions to read carefully. Each of the three documents given explained the same instructions but with alternate color conditions (Red, Green, Black) that led to the peculiar outcome in each participant.
After the participants read the instructions given they must inform the researcher that they are “ready to start” to be able to begin unscrambling words. After they exclaim that they are ready they will have three minutes to unscramble as many words as they can within that timeframe and they will receive a one-minute warning to finish. The anagram task itself consists of twenty scrambled words that participants must unscramble to…

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