Evaluation Of `` Geisha Glam.com Self -employment Plan `` Essay examples

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RPS received the final copy Geisha-Glam.com self -employment plan on July 27, 2015 and participated in the teleconference with participants listed above. I have reviewed the self-employment plan in its entirety. RPS does not approve self-employment plans but offer consultation based on policy. Hx – Based on VRC Powell’s documentation , Ms. Spencer has a diagnosis of degenerative joint disease of the ankle/foot, osteoporosis, joint pain in the ankle and foot, tendon contracture, pain of the limb, knee pain, high blood pressure, depression, keratoconus, morbid obesity with a BMI of 44.8, rheumatic aortic regurgitation. Ms. Spencer has been prescribed the following medications to address her medical issues/disabilities: Clindamycin, ibuprofen, Mobic, Nexium, Terconazole, Valacyclovir, and Zolpidem. She has had gastric bypass surgery performed and has lost approximately 100 lbs., as of 2/9/15. She is currently taking medication for all disabilities and her weight loss has resulted in an increase in energy.

VRC Powell documents Ms. Spencer’s impediments to employment to be physical limitations and endurance. He explained the consumer’s ambulation is affected as he observed. VRC Powell indicated consumer would not be able to maintain long walks or long hours of standing on the job. The consumer’s vision is also an issue. However, VRC explains that her visual impairment is not the primary disability.

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