Essay on Evaluation of Erin Brockovich Leadership

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It takes a very strong, dedicated leader to take the road less traveled by in order to stand behind what they believe is right or wrong. The easy route may seem more appealing to most because there is no challenge and you can almost always predict the outcome. Dr. Ronald W. Roskens, an internationally known and respected leader, gave a speech titled, Ethical Leaders: The Wide and Easy Way, and stated, “Leaders can choose the easy way out, or they can attempt to apply ethics to their decisions and actions. True leaders are principled individuals, who assume their positions because they have earned the respect and, in certain sense, the allegiance of others.” This is the perfect definition of an ethical leader. Julia Roberts portrays …show more content…
She is a reliable person that people can depend on in a moment of weakness. This scene also shows the respect she has for her “clients.” She respected Donna too much to just call or send her a letter stating the outcome. Instead, she personally delivered the message of the win. Also in this scene, we see her sense of responsibility. She has done what she was going to do, and that was winning the case on behalf of her clients. All of the hard work she was responsible for had now paid off in this scene where she gets to tell Donna that they have won the case. It is not even a question whether or not Erin is caring. She put her heart, sweat, tear, and time into this case because she truly cared about her clients. This scene shows just how much she cared by the huge smile on her face when she tells Donna the good news. If she did not care, she would have just called or sent a letter instead of personally giving her the message. Citizenship is proved in this scene because she is getting involved with something bigger than herself and this is the scene where it all pays off. There are many ethical traps shown in this movie. The town of Hinkly is faced with the decision of whether or not they want to go to trial with or without a jury. This would mean that the judge’s decision is final and an appeal would be out of the picture. Many of the residents

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