Evaluation Of Children 's Emotional Health Essays

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Other studies indicate that teachers, and caregivers are a critical part of this process, the way they foster or promote one on one communications typifies a resourceful way to help cultivate “children’s emotional health” (Nissen & Hawkins, 2010, p. 255). In 2010, educators of young children attended the “NAEYC’s 19th National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development” this event covered issues parallelled emotional edification and was named the “… 21st Century Skill for Children and Adults” (Koralek, 2011, p. 10). During this event educators learned how to prioritize their daily interactions with children, making every time spent a valuable time, and nurture positive self-image and emotional strength (Koralek, 2011, p. 10). A similar interpretation of this topic was presented by Sanchez-Nunez, Fernandez-Berrocal, and Latorre (2013), indicative of the evaluation of children’s emotional development has been reviewed from several angles, which is something many educators have not considered in the past (p. 67). Therefore, defining emotional intelligence “as the ability to accurately perceive, appraise, and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings that facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotion knowledge; and the ability to regulate emotions so as to promote intellectual and emotional growth” and when these are integrated with strong cognitive abilities, a person learns to deal with adverse life forces by means of his…

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