Evaluation Of Children And The Government Agencies Designed For Address Mental Health Care

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II.A. Psychoeducation
Studies show that psychoeducation seems to benefit patients and the government agencies designed to address mental health care. In effective clinical settings, psychoeducation can reduce the cost for the government to create and provide additional funding for patient readmission due to unsuccessful treatment goal (Jun, Merinder, Belgamwar, 2011). On the part patients, psychoeducation is one way of improving their understanding about their mental illness, and it also provides them useful information and options on where to access mental health services (Jun, Merinder, Belgamwar, 2011).
Psychoeducation main objective is to increase mental health awareness through the use of various social media. For example, offering brochures of leaflets that contains information about patients’ present mental health condition, another thing is introducing reliable and relevant websites for additional information, and lastly, introducing private support groups that could contribute and improve patient’s mental health well-being (Baskin, Maye, Rogers, Corell et al, 2014). Having these available and communicated properly to Lisa, her potential relapse and readmission would be avoided.
II.B. Education of the Family to enhance their awareness towards Mental Health.
Schizophrenia is a distressing mental health illness -a harrowing experience for both the patient and the family members. Family intervention is recognized to be very beneficial to…

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