Evaluation Of An Internship Project Essay

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To successfully complete the practicum project there must be some sort of engagement with the participants or patients. This way I can ask needed questions to expand my research and notate patient’s questions or concerns. There was a great deal of communication during the two biometric screenings between me (the intern), nurses, volunteers and other staff that assisted with the screenings. Communication is extremely important especially as it ties with healthcare. 1Patients perceptions of the quality of the healthcare they received are highly dependent on the quality of their interactions with their healthcare clinician and team. 1The connection that a patient feels with his or her clinician can ultimately improve their health mediated through participation in their care, coherence to treatment, and patient self-management. Therefore, I will walk you step by step, the activities completed thus far and the activities I plan on completing in conclusion of this practicum experience.
1. Step1: I attended two biometric screenings one being held at Heritage High School and the second held at Warwick High School; both schools located in Newport News, Virginia. At the screenings, I could interact with all staff and importantly the patients I was taken care of. Every patient that came in for screening came to me to fill out a form which ask for their demographics such as age, gender, and occupation. I then proceed to take their height, weight, and waist circumference. Each patient…

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