Essay on Evaluation Of An Inquiry Based Classroom

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In order to understand how to implement an inquiry-based classroom the first question to answer is ‘What is inquiry-based learning and how can we apply inquiry learning into our everyday teaching and learning activities? In an inquiry-based classroom, student interest is at the center of curriculum planning, instruction and assessment. Inquiry is a process of learning that is driven by questioning, thoughtful investigating, making sense of information, and developing new understandings. The students are responsible for ask questions, researching their questions, and choosing how to present their findings. Students are in charge of solving problems or answer posing questions rather than having the teacher simply present facts or answer questions for them. The teacher acts as the facilitator in this type of learning style.
According to Phillips (2009) in the article Emerging Inquiry: Using Nonfiction to Guide Student Research, “aside from creating a sense of ownership, inquiry in the classroom engages students with important ideas, creates opportunities to integrate literacy into content areas, promotes critical thinking skills, helps students actively construct new knowledge, and allows for more in depth coverage of content area material” (Phillips, 2009).
With the inquiry method of teaching, teachers take the lead when introducing inquiry in order to help students develop the necessary skills needed for this type of learning. According to Phillips (2009), “teachers need…

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