Evaluation Of A Teacher Maintains Professional Relationships With Students And Colleagues

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For this artifact that addresses NJPTS #11, I had to complete thirty hours of student observation at the corresponding school at which I was placed. During these observation hours, it was encouraged that I become as actively involved in the classroom as I could, working with both corresponding teachers and students in order to gain meaningful pre-professional experience. Additionally, at the end of my thirty hours, it was required that my corresponding teachers fill out evaluation forms which would assess my professionality during my time spent in their classrooms. Specifically, due to the fact that I treated my corresponding teachers with the utmost respect and viewed students as students and not peers, this artifact is in compliance with Standard 11, Performances 5. This specific indicator states that, “The teacher maintains professional relationships with students and colleagues” (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 15). Specifically, my professional relationships with both my teachers and students can clearly be seen in one of the comments made by one of my corresponding teachers, which states that I was, “Pleasant, willing to take on tasks, eager to learn, [and had a] kind rapport with students.” Furthermore, because my relationships with both my corresponding teachers and students were strictly professional in nature, this artifact is also in compliance with Standard 11, Critical Dispositions 4. This specific indicator states that, “The teacher recognizes…

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