Essay about Evaluation Of A Systematic Literature Review

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Quantitative Article
Sisson, H (2015) Aspirating during the intramuscular injection procedure: a systematic literature review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24, 2368–2375.
The following identify how the researcher addressed the five areas of the selected journal article:
•background or introduction: The aim of this study was to review current practice regarding aspirating during intramuscular (IM) injections and to propose guidance for future practice.
The introduction discusses the fact that administration of injections is a basic “nursing activity”. The author also discusses the debate surrounding aspiration during IM injection and how it is ingrained in the nursing education process. What aspiration means is clearly stated in the introduction. Although many policies show that in most instances it is not needed, it is still being taught and demonstrated as appropriate leading to procedural inconsistency thereby deviating from the evidence-based approach
The background starts with an estimate from the World Health Organisation(WHO) that 16 billion injections are given every year. The author states that IM injections are the most painful and best practice is necessary to avoid tissue damage. She notes that aspiration during IM injection likely started because of accidental intravenous insertion, but implies that most reports of this happen while injecting into gluteal muscle which is no longer widely practiced. She also notes that experts are widely divided in their opinion…

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