Evaluation Of A Student 's Interest Essay

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It is important for a teacher to know their student’s likes and dislikes. This is a tremendous way to help your students grow and reach their full potential. The more educated you are on your students, the easier it is for you as a teacher. During my read aloud, I had a tough time choosing a book for my students because all their genre interest differed. This made it very challenging to choose a book, which complemented all the student’s interest. Ages and stages were my referral resource, in finding an appropriate book for my students. When conducting my survey in getting to know their likes and dislikes, I was in a second-grade class. Therefore, I created an age appropriate survey that was not too tedious or complicated. I also made sure it was fun, and one that would have grabbed their attention.
Upon my implementation of the survey, I noticed that there were not many commonalities, other than the student 's ages being six and seven years old. They also shared math as their favorite subject. When doing, a follow-up interview, to get more information, I found it very helpful because I could get more personal answers from each of the students using open-ended questions. The students were very independent thinkers and conscious of their thoughts. Therefore, they ended up giving me more information than I initially needed. My questions were designed to find information on things they liked to do outside of school. The interview included questions such as: what…

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