Evaluation Of A Senior Program Essay

1530 Words Mar 1st, 2016 null Page
As I have stated before, I am disappointed that you have found my performance below expectations in some areas. It is important to me to be considered a valued contributor to the Contracts team specifically and to the BIW organization in general.
As part of the evaluation, I would like some elaboration on those areas where you believe that I could improve. Conversely, I will offer some feedback on your comments as written. I also plan to have the two of us jointly develop a method to unofficially review my performance in the 2016 periodically to ensure that I am proceeding in a manner beneficial to us, the Contracts team, and BIW.
Rebuttal to specific comments in the evaluation:
1. “…Bob was removed from the DDG 51 and the DDG 1000 Programs by the VP of Programs due to his lack of judgment in tasking a senior program manager to perform work Bob should have taken the lead on. …
As this comment is repeated numerous times in the evaluation of my 2015 Goals and repeated several times regarding my Competencies, I believe that this is the single most important item to address.
When I received my evaluation, I attempted to find the email that is the source of the VP’s dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a copy. I do not recall the exact wording, but given the allegation that I tasked a senior program manager, I will accept that for the purposes of this discussion.
When I was removed from the two DDG Programs, I repeatedly requested that my former…

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