Evaluation Of A Selection Pool Should Be Transparent And Clear

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3) Redeployment
The fact of merger can be very sensitive to employees when it comes to redeployment within the firm. The first issue that they are concerned with is whether they are required to change their roles or positions in the newly-merged company and in what extend this new job distribution thing would affect them. In order to reduce anxiety caused by the insecurity and unknown, the company should make a formal announcement to all employees about how this transition process work and who are influenced under this merger. It is crucial to ensure the redeployment process is taken under an objective and fair assessment. The evaluation may include performance appraisal, personal traits, and knowledge or skills. The most important of this, the criteria of selection pool should be transparent and clear.
Since parts of employees will be redeployed during this merger, the HR team should try to help employees to relieve their stress. There are two pathways that can be applied, which are counselling and following up. Counselling is quite obvious and rather passive. Employees are offered chances to communicate with HR team when facing difficulties or under pressure. It is a good channel for employees to express themselves and seek for facilitation. In contrast, following up every employee’s status and conditions is rather active. It aims to help to understand whether they are comfortable with their current positions and whether they are suitable.
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