Evaluation Of A Second Grade Teacher I Learned About Curriculum Based Testing

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When interviewing Ms. Ruane a second grade teacher I learned about curriculum based testing, which is better known as high stakes testing. Throughout kindergarten through second grade teachers use testing that is dedicated to teaching to the test and to a student’s literature, or math skills. The evaluations of a student are measured based on the curriculum, and the purpose of these tests is to see how the students informal testing is observed through their academic performance. The tests Ms. Ruane uses are used throughout the district, and they are well developed by teachers, administrators and special education teachers. The committee that formulated these competency standards for educational administrators first met in 1991, (American Association of School Administrators, 1997, p. 1). Most data used in these tests are screened to place students in different groups, special classes, or to see if they require IEP’s. Many controversies surround the way curriculum based testing is measured, but many teachers rely heavily on curriculum based testing in their work, so they can plan throughout the year and monitor student’s testing abilities. As Stecker, Lembke and Foegen (2008, p. 1) describe, the use of curriculum-based measurement as a research-validated practice for monitoring student academic achievement and ultimately for improving students’ educational outcomes. Many schools have to step up to the plate and measure the correlation between tests in order to notice…

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