Evaluation Of A School Counseling Program Essay

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After school counselors and personnel works hard at establishing a foundation, bringing together key stakeholders to effectively manage and evaluate programing, and deliver services to make systemic change. There is still work to be done in ensuring program data is align with program goals and student needs. During this process, effective programs not only analyze achievement, attendance, behavioral, and safety records. Effective programs also evaluate personnel time and performance to understand how it reflect and affect components of their comprehensive school-counseling program. School counselors are upheld with many ethical standards and responsibilities to students as they help hold everyone accountable and create a culture for equity in access and success in educational opportunities.

Johnson Steam Academy School counseling program as whole is comprehensive, rigorous, data driven, and well informed. What makes their program different is that they are faced with unique issues specific to the school and community that make it more difficult to ensure all students’ needs are met. As approach to address student need they actively bringing in additional assistance, consultations, and collaborations with parents and community organizations.

The school has established partnership with the Abbe Center that specializes in community mental health. Four Oaks that help provide case management to help guild student and parents mental health needs. As a result, the school…

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