Evaluation Of A Scenario From Clinical Placement Essay example

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This assignment will analyse and critically discuss a scenario from clinical placement that assesses a range of physical and mental health needs of individuals of all ages and provide safe and effective care prior to accessing or referring to a specialist. I will be using Rolfe, Jasper and Freshwater’s reflective framework (2001) as a structure to show a developing understanding of professional knowledge and skills. Patients and placement provider’s names have been omitted or changed to ensure confidentiality (NMC 2015).
During my placement within a surgical ward, I met Peter, who was day two post spinal surgery. To facilitate his recovery, Peter’s pain levels must be managed to improve Peter’s care experience and wellbeing. In order to achieve this, he has agreed to self report to staff when he is in pain, rather than suffering in silence. In response, staff evaluated and collaborated to assess his pain levels to provide him with effective and timely relief.
Peter had reported lower back pain, which was scoring a pain intensity rating of 6. Consulting his drug chart, I saw that at the time he was able to take Paracetamol and Tramadol, which he stated he had taken before and felt was effective. After conferring with the nurse, I dispensed the medication and informed him that I would check back with him to ensure it was effective. However, after 20 minutes it became apparent that it had not as Peter stated that his intensity rating had increased to an 8. Visually, he was pale…

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