Evaluation Of A Proposed Program That Could Help Authorities Level The Playing Field For Victims

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The mission of this paper is to explain my idea for a proposed program that could help authorities level the playing field for victims. So, that this information could be current and informational, the source I choose is one that complies crime data from the National Incident-based reporting system (NIBRS). The reason I selected (NIBRS) is because it 's a program that can track down a lot more crime then (UCR) Uniform Crime Recording program or Data tool. The UCR is a tool that is compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that helps report crime in general form from various sources. But, the NIBRS significantly expands officers’ ability to record data about a specific incident, which gives leaders a much fuller understanding of crime. As a result, a mayor’s policy advisor or a police executive can look at NIBRS data alone or combine them with other citywide data, analyze them, and gain a more descriptive view of criminal activity in the community. NIBRS data help law enforcement gathers better evidence to develop effective solutions and practices. Researchers find NIBRS data useful and have successfully used NIBRS data to: Assess dual arrest data. Researchers used NIBRS data to examine the factors that influence police decisions to make arrests in domestic violence incidents and the prevalence of dual arrest across the nation. [1] They found that dual arrest occurs more in same-sex than in heterosexual relationships and in states that have…

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