Evaluation Of A Program Evaluation Model Evaluation Essay

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Program Evaluation Model Selected Moreover, a counselor should make sure that the one choose the appropriate model of the program evaluation for the design of the program evaluation proposal. The model that the counselor may choose would be the Duluth Model. This model will prevent victim blaming and will allow the perpetrator to take the responsibility for one’s actions (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). It is important to create an environment that will allow domestic violence survivors to have a voice and feel comfortable with talking about their experience (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). Domestic violence perpetrators will be given resources such as groups to educate them about the consequences of domestic violence (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). These groups are court-ordered (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). The Duluth Model will challenge any outside sources that may encourage the thought that men have control over women (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). The Duluth Model will make sure that everyone involved will have the same definitions of what safety is, when one is at use of abusing or being abused, and other things that could be misunderstood (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2011). This model is appropriate to use with adults that are in a crisis that are facing life-changing situations. This model will allow agencies and the court systems the opportunity to collaborate (Domestic…

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