Evaluation Of A Performance Appraisal Essay

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Performance Appraisal
The eight points:
Defining performance expectations: This would be based on two levels if the employee exhibits both the score would be 100 %. The first level is Task Performance- is the employee’s performance aligned with the organizations strategic objectives and implementation plans are they reaching the targets and performing exceptional customer service. The second half to this is Contextual performance – is the employee’s indirect contribution to the organization in terms of improving the organizational, social, and physiological behaviours that contribute to organizational effectiveness, beyond those specified for the job. Are they a team player and willing to always help others?
Providing ongoing coaching and feedback: My managers are always observing staff and recording behaviour we will record positive and negative behaviour weekly along with reviewing reports on targets are employees upselling, are they hitting the high end of targets given. Weekly we would have brief check ins with employees providing feedback and coaching where applicable. Monthly my managers would sit with me and go over our numbers along with all feedback and coaching provided to employees. In this monthly meeting this is where I can give feedback and coaching with my managers ensuring we all are on the same page. All of our observations are kept for review at the end of the year for the final performance evaluation which consists of whether the manager will receive a…

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