Evaluation Of A Pediatric Advanced Practice Nurse Essay

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NURS6541, N-11
Week Two As a pediatric advanced practice nurse (APN), one must consistently monitor a child?s development to detect possible issues. This monitoring over time will ensure the promotion of healthy development of the child and aid in the identification of developmental problems (Dosman, Andrews, & Goulden, 2012). For the purpose of this discussion I will evaluate a case study to determine if there are red flags that indicate developmental issues and give recommendations for screening tools, guidelines, and management strategies for the caregiver and patient.
Case Study The case I was assigned was of a 30-month-old boy named Brian that presents for a well visit. Brian can walk and run independently, climb stairs on alternating feet, build a nine block tower, and button his pants. He seems to be on target with the physical aspects of his development. According to Dosman, Andrews, & Goulden (2011), children should be able to run, jump, and kick; throw a ball overhand three feet; and walk up a set of stairs without a railing. This boy can do all of the physical aspects expected of someone his age. However, he only follows one-step commands, speaks in one-word sentences, and only has a vocabulary of six words. He also has temper tantrums, from which he is inconsolable and is resistant to nighttime and feeding routines, which are red flags indicative of a developmental disorder.
Red Flags Children between the ages of two to three should…

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