Evaluation Of A Patient Referral Essay

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In this use case, emphasis is placed on the importance of care coordination for when a patient is referred to an outside provider for additional care. Notice of the referral, including relevant patient data must be able to be transferred between the health information systems of both providers to ensure appropriate continuity of care. The objective of this use case is to ensure that a patient referral can be sent instantaneously through the providers’ health information systems to provide the second care provider with all relevant patient data needed to ensure the coordination of care is seamless.
There are two primary actors involved in the patient referral use case, the sending physician practice and the receiving physician practice. The trigger or precondition that is required for a referral to be needed is that a specific patient condition exists where a consultation from an outside physician is necessary. Ideally, the course of events in which a patient referral takes place involves:

If the above chain of events does not take place, is could be due to the receiving provider failing to acknowledge the referral or simply declining it. After the patient referral use case has been completed, the referring physician should be informed of the outcome, and the patient record updated. Both providers should have the most up-to-date record of the patient at this point.

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