Essay about Evaluation Of A Patient Care

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Direct Patient Care
How did you feel about your performance in the clinical setting this week? What went well? What would you change about what you did or didn’t do?
Describe a patient(s) you cared for this week. What were the patient’s medical diagnoses? What nursing problems or actions did you address when giving care. List any medications you gave this week that you have not given yet this quarter. Mention any particular assessments you did that helped you identify the patient’s problems or nursing diagnoses.

This week, one of my c-section patients was complaining of shoulder pain. My first instinct was to discuss that her arm was stretched out for about an hour, which could be the cause of the pain. However, after further assessment the patient reported that her pain was sharp rather than aching, which would be indicative of muscle pain. Sharp shoulder pain felt in one shoulder is indicative of gas build up, a common occurrence in surgical patients who received spinal anesthetics. I reported my findings to Rachel and discussed my plan of administering simethicone to relieve her gas. After evaluating, the patient had some shoulder pain relief, but not complete. Administration of another dose of simethicone was implemented furthering her shoulder pain relief, meeting the goal of lowering the shoulder pain down from a 6 to a 2.

Critical Thinking/Clinical Decision Making
Prioritizes and organizes nursing care based on relevant assessment findings.
Describe specific…

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