Evaluation Of A Nurse Client Therapeutic Communication Essay

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SUMMARY OF PROGRESS : I have successfully completed all required CPE’s, which is evaluating myself and my completed competencies that were achieved at Windsor Regional Met Hospital - 8 North Surgical. I properly performed hand hygiene in the clinical placement in regards to infection control. Further, I am able to communicate effectively in the nurse-client therapeutic communication using both my verbal and nonverbal skills, as well as provide information to the client in order for them to make a proper informed decision. I am able to maintain confidentiality by not sharing my client 's information or clinical experiences with the public.

Critical thinking:
I used critical thinking when documenting in my CPEs and writing my journals. Moreover, I use critical thinking in the components within the nursing process of planning, interventions and evaluations when working to offer my clients the most appropriate care. As well as, critical thinking is needed when constructing my nursing care plan and intervening goals for the patients and further evaluating the outcomes.

I was able to complete this area by administering medications to my client at the appropriate timing and in the presence of my clinical instructor. Furthermore, I was able to administer insulin in the presence of my instructor and performing an independent double check with another registered nurse.

I continued to apply my professional standards by demonstrating confidentiality…

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