Evaluation Of A New Year At School Essay

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1.Since it 's the beginning of a new year in college, it would be good to at least analysis my progress during high school, check for any improvements, and apply them to the new school year at college. Also this assignment will give us a set image on what can I expect from my intentions for the years ahead. It is necessary for IDH 1001 because it gives us a reflection of ourselves which we can take our reflection to somewhat predict the future in the Honors College.

2.This assignment will make me mindful about the things I write about myself as well as the reflection of my true character. It’s easy enough to dramatize how great I am as a student; however, this assignment is like a test of honesty; it will set a unique difference of my character than setting up the common theme of just a good student at school.
Creating An Action Plan
1. I think that this assignment is part of IDH 1001 to give a sense of following any goal persistently. The average person make an astonishing 773,618* decisions in his or her lifespan. Now that is roughly 27* judgments a day give or take the average lifespan is
78.5 years old. Those are a lot of decisions we make that we probably don’t think twice when we think about them which leads why correlation to this assignment. 143,262* decisions from the total decision we do make in a lifespan are considered as regrets. So creating an action plan could and possibly can make the decisions that we make in life really count. Having an detail oriented…

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