Evaluation Of A New Call Centre Team Essay

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1. What is Performance?
Performance is defined as the establishing a shared understanding about how and what is to be achieved, in accordance with the organisational targets. It is getting in line with the objectives and agreed measures, skills, competency to achieve targets, development plans and the delivery of results. It is always to be improved, learning and development is the most important need to keep up with the performance at all times.
2. KPI analysis: Read the scenario below
You are a manager of a new call centre team.
The call centre has 30 full time and 30 part time call centre consultants. The consultants are there to take calls from motorists whose vehicles have broken down. Consultants are the first voice that motorists hear before their request is passed onto roadside patrol that travels out to solve the problem of a broken down car.
Consultants must answer any phone call within 4 seconds of the phone ringing. Consultants must correctly identify the caller (Name, address, date of birth and password) before they can respond to any requests. Length of calls must be no longer than 3 minutes. Consultants must clarify all information given to them before proceeding to send customer request to Roadside Operators.
Your task: Design three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that individual team members must meet or exceed on a monthly basis.
In terms of key performance indicators of call centre consultants, below mentioned are most important to be kept in…

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