Evaluation Of A Negotiator For Pacific Oil Things Essay

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As a negotiator for Pacific Oil things would have been done differently prior and during the negotiation. The first change would have been to cancel the March 10 negotiation. Although Gaudin and Fontaine began their efforts with a sense of urgency to extend the contract with Reliant, they came into negotiation, not having really developed their strategy and how they would attack it. They lacked in preparation and did not properly research their client’s needs or adequately project what the outcome might be. They were not prepared to address the concerns and requests that Reliant brought up during the negotiation and were always on defense/reactive. This was due to very little preparation and no best alternative (BATNA) at the negotiation.

Preplanning is essential prior to being at the negotiation table. Effective planning begins with utilizing “10 Point Plan Before Negotiating” (Bruce). This plan would help a firm prepare for major factors such as what type of negotiation will be utilized (distributive, integrative or soft), define goals and interests, ranking priorities, strategies, tactic-actions and roleplaying etc. More importantly, this would provide an opportunity to assess alternatives available and evaluate them. The BATNA provides crucial information such as threshold for accepting/rejecting a deal. Although Pacific Oil seems to understand that Reliant understood the markets Pacific Oil failed on their end to prepare and analyze Reliant’s strategies, BATNA, goals…

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