Evaluation Of A Job Evaluation Essays

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Going into a job evaluation, Andrea inquired about options to move forward in the company. The supervisor went through a list of questions regarding Andrea’s personal life, career history, academic strengths and areas in learning that she may have weaknesses in. The idea of for Andrea to realize where she stands in life and what she is looking for goals. In addition, there will be a closer view of her personality showing she is a leader and able to take over the responsibility of a higher position within the company. The supervisor gave her a personality test this is a list of questions touching on areas of reaction in situations. Topics such a personal interaction, response to pressure, organization, focus abilities, make the first move in an event, motivation, individual drive, reaction and influence of others, social and emotional actions and reactions, logical and rational ways of thinking, home and work balance, empathy for others, team play status, stressful situation 's response, areas of creativity, insecurity, and time management (NERIS Analytics Limited, 2011). This falls under Sigmund Freud and his three components of ego, superego, and id. This was taken father by John Holland in the circumplex models and Lewis Goldberg in his model of typologies. Holland with the RIASEC model standing for realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Goldberg with his big five as in the five detention personality model neuroticism, extraversion…

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