Essay on Evaluation Of A Intelligent Tutoring System

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Project summary

Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is able to provide personalized instructions and feedbacks based on individual needs for facilitating learners’ learning and skill development. The goal of this research is to investigate the effect of implementing the Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) assessment embedded within the ITS in the context of STEM learning on SRL skill development and academic achievement of African American students and to identify factors that can facilitate their learning through cyberlearning technology. The project will test the hypothesis that the well-developed Cognitive Tutor Authorizing Tools (CTAT) could be utilized by the STEM faculty to develop ITS to delivering the desired pedagogy for facilitating STEM learning, and the ITS-based SRL assessment in the context of learning STEM subjects could better lead to developing students’ SRL skills and improving their learning than the traditional paper-based SRL assessment, particularly for low-achieving students. Through collaboration among STEM instructors, learning scientist, and ITS experts, the project team will (1) collect the baseline data on implementing the paper-based SRL assessment; (2) develop the ITS-based SRL assessment through utilizing CTAT; (3) implement the ITS-based SRL assessment; and (4) exam effects of both paper and ITS based SRL assessment on students’ learning processes and outcomes.

The paper-based SRL assessment has demonstrated its effectiveness in providing the…

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