Evaluation Of A Good Return On Investment Essay

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cost, could lead to a better return on investment by group of criteria and taking decisions as to the relative priority of each criterion. There is a range of evaluation tools to assist this process, appropriate to the situation. For example, Evaluation Matrices may be used to determine the relative priorities of a list of objectives or project criteria , These matrices are especially beneficial when considering issues and/or objectives at the earliest stages of project development (Graham et.al. , (2006 )
And also this phase aim to discard ideas that might lead to additional re-design or to a disruption of the program. and also time is considered very important element , it may be too late in the development process to implement change (Green and Liu, 2006).

Option development has included Those ideas with most potential are developed to a stage to show to determine if Those ideas are workable. This may include preparing detailed drawings and cost estimates. Part of this process may continue after the Value Study is over. option development depends on the workshop duration . Some options may require advice beyond either the expertise and/or authority of those present at the Value Study ((Robinson, 2008). Presentation phase
In this phase, the VM study team assist the decision makers and the original design team through provided them with the results of the VM study, and presents its recommendations to the management through the Presentation and its…

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