Evaluation Of A First Meeting Decision Essay

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After the feedback from the first presentation the team had their first meeting decision was made by the team to do more of practice in order to manage the time slot given also the team made a decision to have an extra practice in order improve the communication and presentation skill of the team members base on the feedback gotten from the tutor. Personally, I decided to learn more on YouTube on how use Mintel, keynote and euromnitor for the next presentation this added to my knowledge. It would be useful to me as a future manager. However, when I am assigned to conduct market research for my future organization I will be able use, reliable sources like Mintel instead of google in order to make the research to be more professional and more current. However, after the feedback the team decided; that for the second presentation we should move from delegating different tasks to working together as a team. And setting a rule for all team members to read the case study in order to have a deep understanding of the case. Nevertheless, we decided as a team to work to gather to research for the uncontrollable forces that may affect the business by using the slept framework and analysing the swot analysis of the organization by using reliable sources from Mintel etc.
Greater integration of the Belbin profile of team members was also used to assign tasks for the second presentation as team members were placed according to the strength (Belbin, 1993).
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